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Workers’ Compensation Chiropractor in Darien, CT: Dr. Robert J. Marsillo
Marsillo Chiropractic: We Gladly Accept Workers’ Comp Insurance

Workers' Comp Chiropractor in Darien, CT

Workers’ comp injury chiropractic

Personal Injury Chiropractor in Fairfield County: A personal injury can have a multitude of causes.  They can range from car accidents, product defects, assault or many other incidents. If you or a loved one are experiencing any pain resulting to circumstances beyond your control it is important that you make sure you clearly understand the extent of your injuries so that you can receive the proper long term care.

Dr. Robert Marsillo has been an expert in the treatment, documentation and substantiation of traumatic injuries for 34 years. He has testified as an expert witness on behalf of his patients to help successfully resolve these cases. Dr. Marsillo has worked with and is highly regarded by many of Fairfield County’s leading personal injury attorneys.

Personal injury chiropractic in Darien, CT and the surrounding areas

Dr. Robert Marsillo offers comprehensive service for diagnosing and treating your personal injuries.  Our chiropractic and physical therapy facility specializes in individualized treatment and recovery plans for patients to quickly recover and return to regular everyday activities.

Here are some of the modalities that we use when treating work injuries:

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments provide effective pain relief from a wide variety of conditions. Dr. Poller specializes in providing gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care to patients of all ages. Spinal adjustments correct the alignment, motion and function of the vertebral joint.

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Therapeutic Exercise Rehabilitation can help to alleviate pain by improving your muscle strength and flexibility. Weak muscles can often lead to a misshapen skeletal structure and dramatically increase the risk of injury or the worsening your condition. We have licensed physical therapists on staff to get our patients back to optimal health safely and effectively.

Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation

Electric muscle stimulation is a physical rehabilitation therapy modality that is used to stimulate muscle contractions using electrodes hooked up to an electric stimulation machine at our facility. These contractions help to control pain, manage inflammation and strengthen the muscle.

Ultrasound therapy helps to reduce muscle pain and movement dysfunction. Sound waves deliver deep heat to the areas of the body that need treatment. As a result of the sound waves, the patient benefits from reduced stiffness, swelling and pin. Increased circulation and the promotion of pain free movement are positive effects of using ultrasound therapy.

Workers’ compensation insurance is accepted at Marsillo Chiropractic

Visit our chiropractic and pain rehabilitation clinic in the heart of Fairfield County at 433 Post Road, Darien, CT 06820 or contact us to book your next appointment: (203) 656-2044.  Consultations are free of charge and we gladly accept many insurance plans including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Optum Health (United Healthcare, Oxford Health Plans), and No-Fault or Workers Compensation.

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